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  1. Impressive…one has to wonder how sharp the knives are, but even dull, he still could have stabbed himself. Major cajones!

  2. Still waiting for the fail. Looked like some mad skills there. Well, up until the dude-don’t-leave-me-hanging-bro awkward high-five, lmao.

    1. “when the time comes”??? what, are you going to seek him out? …but yeah, something tells me you’re the kinda girl that, it wouldn’t much matter whether he had his balls or not.

  3. Another one of those douche bags that thinks hes tough because he can twirl shit around. Chances are it wouldn’t be that tough to kick his ass.

    1. i hope they post another video of this guy kicking your ass…you talk a lot of shit from behind a computer screen…just take if for it is…a fucking win

    2. @Junkie… actually, Scotious was in front of his computer screen, not behind it. oh, and “just take if for it is” …english much?

    1. Well, if you’re turned on by some idiot doing dumb shit… I’m betting your panties stay wet 24-7

  4. okay…i just sat thru five minutes of that garbage and the dude doesn’t even cut himself?! Boring…(fyi:two butcher knives on a chain isn’t practical. looked fancy tho, before the other guy kicks your ass for bringing them out.)

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