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    1. You’re kidding, right? Look at the photo. Now look comparatively at the tattoo. They are similar yes, but the tattoo looks like an evil gangsta baby version of the baby in the photo.

    2. While I am not saying this is a great tattoo at all I would not call it a fail, atleast not an epic fail. Yes the baby looks like some sad little emperor to be before he turns to the dark side but still if it was an artist that hadn’t had a whole lot of experience I would almost call it a success, almost being the key word for you good readers out there.

  1. your kid is beautiful guy, but next time.. no.. not next time, now go to a professional after you get that piece removed and get it done the RIGHT way.

  2. Everything is fine… the hoodie, zipper, and hat… it’s just that the nose, eyes, and mouth are so unbelievably off center, it looks inhuman!!!

    1. The hoodie makes the kid look like he has daft ears, the shading is patchy and shit, the hat has no substance or texture or material likeness and as for the animal on the hat – WTF?

  3. The baby looks so sad because he knows just how retarded his father is. Poor kid, I would be depressed knowing I got his genes in me.

  4. these portrait tattoo’s get me everytime. How can you fuck that up? Its called a transfer! Anytime some dude with a needle wants to do a portrait freehand…walk the fuck out of the shop.

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