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    1. What a fuckin asshole! I’d like to hang this guy from the CN Tower and let the wind blow in his fucking face for a while.

    1. Relax AJ, but… you are a pussy, you should’ve been held out a window as a baby.

    1. What’s wrong with you. you are a pussy, you should’ve been held out a window as a baby.

    1. Amy Winehouse. I thought your dead. How did you manage to escape from your grave where you belong according to what people have been saying?

  1. I appreciate the stupidity of humans at the best of times, but as a father of two, I would really like to punch this guy in the face, what a fuck’n moron!!

    1. 2LOLO: Are you the latest incarnation for that ‘anti-israel’ fool?… I can’t even remember what you used to call yourself (you used to end every message with ‘no homo’ for some reason, before you were banned)… you were that memorable.

      Your sentence structure and general use of language is veeeeeery similar.

  2. say what you want about the parenting, but that baby had the fucking time of its life…..he was basicly superman for 3.5 seconds

    1. – You are deep and your heart comes through your blog loud and clear. Beautiful. I have no idea what right or left is or ayihtnng about direction. This I know of you and have been thinking of you as I drive (weird maybe or just God). You are a facilitator. You are an arranger. You bring people together. Keep following your heart! God will work out the details probably with the help of others let them. Prayers for new beginnings.

  3. It’s bad enough they didn’t have the kid in a child safety seat, they had to hold him out of the window? What if he lost his grip? Terrible.

  4. Safety seat in Russia? Woman, you’re out of your damn mind.
    The kid enjoyed it and his dad does care for him. If you knew how to understand and speak Russian, the last phrase he said when he put the kid back in the car was for him to be careful and not hit the roof of the car.
    This is a KID WIN situation. In Russia you don’t fail, it’s always a win.

  5. Amy Winehouse was the baby in the video, and look, she turned out fine. She works full time shit talking on the internet! What success

  6. for the first 10 secs i thought this was a video of them droping the baby out the car window. i swear to god i was just waiting for it and it never came. not saying it should have but that was what was on my mind.

  7. Where is the speeding truck from behind when you need it. I could hear the eulogy given by 2lolo and Longshlong. ” That baby had the time of his life, all two months of it. That he will never remember” While Amy Whinehouse yells out how much of a pussy the baby was for dying ( In that annoying Russian accent). The dads a pussy to me, he should have went out the window while the baby hold him.

  8. they tried to charge mike Jackson for the balcony thing is it not illegal to do this shit in Russia?if so here is all the evidence they need,,anyways when idiots do shit like this i sometimes wished they would make the dreadful mistake not only for the lesson but for future resolution from abuse

  9. wowz lol, Amy Winehouse said Pussy like 10 times-
    but to be truthful, idc= hold the lil shit out the window, drop it, forbid it to pass on any more retarded genes, but if that were my kid I’ld strick that fuck down hard.

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