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    1. That’s the standard fashion when you have a black belt in blow-jobs, bring belt as close to face as possible.
      I personally go for chicks who wear it low and backwards

    1. james , she is the chick with the huge ass. A freaking train wreck , but man she has some booty.

    1. Old folks. They’re the ones that buy all those types of magazines and newspapers. Makes them feel good to see young people failing.

    2. Damn straight Fred. We also laugh at you stupid fuckers who go to work every day so we can sit at home and collect Social Security checks we don’t really even need.

    3. Yeah, well, Butch…us “stupid fuckers” have just about had a belly full of your Social Security drawing bullshit and we’re gonna elect some dumbass politician that will take that shit away. Also, we’ve had enough of this “I’ve, by god, paid my taxes and we gonna do this shit my way” attitude and we’re gonna show you that you’ve got alot more taxes to pay. And you’re gonna pay those taxes, and you’re gonna fucking enjoy paying those taxes. Otherwise, we’re gonna start yanking your senile old asses out of those old Cadillacs and giving you a Rodney King lesson.
      Now, how do you old erectile disfunctional motherfuckers like them mangos?

    4. lol Fred, love it and I totally agree donut…I do not know many people who gives two shits about this crap anyways 😛

  1. she did it all for money and more fame u can think of her as the modern hooker the modern hooker is a chix that marry’s someone then divorce them she’ll be doin this a couple times more i just hope that the pussy he smashed was good enough for a divorce where she’ll be taking most of his shit dont believe me look at tiger woods where is he

    1. You are absolutely right. She only became famous after her sextape leaked. Who the hell wants people to watch them have sex unless you are in the porn business? She did it all for publicity. I feel bad for the guy. I would DEMAND my 20.5 carat engagement ring and 12.5 carat wedding band back. She waited to file for divorce after the “wedding special” aired on E!. Such a whore.

    2. Other than Oprah, how many women do you know, that have pulled their own weight and made money without screwing a man out of money? How many women working in road construction jobs, that are getting paid the same “equal rights pay” as that big hogheaded boy that is lifting all the heavy shit,that are doing any more than holding a walkie-talkie and a STOP/SLOW sign? And which one is worn out and can’t work at 45?
      Yeah, women have come a long way.

    3. @darkness You do realize she has more money than him, right? She made $65 million last year while he only made $3 million. God men are so fucking stupid, no wonder this country is going to shit. You want to keep your money, really? Fucking take it all BUT then you WILL raise the kids, pay for their school, food, clothes, hospital bills and ETC and I WILL GLADLY PAY YOU CHILD SUPPORT and only have the kids on the weekends! Yeah…….you poor men fucking all those whores while wife is not around, I really feel sorry for you. NOT!

  2. The reason for divorce:No cock is big enough for her,For the love of God she swallowed a whole black dick with its cum….could she like a whitey????? no!!!

    1. YES!!! Macho Man… you love it when I call you cunt, whore, slut and when I call you back-door……………

  3. She’s yet another disgusting coalburner.
    If I was the hubby I’d be checking myself for STD’s from this skank as we all know she’s serviced more blackies than a ship full of fat white chicks.

  4. It’s not a marriage fail it’s a fake marriage fail, they couldn’t even muster a realistic fake marriage! At least prostitutes only sell their body, with these fame zombies every bit of life is for sale.

  5. That’s one thing I hate about bitches like this one. They don’t marry someone for who they are. They are just after the money. They file for divorce so early so as to collect half of the husbands money. No wonder people all over the world say never to marry white ladies.

    1. Oh Jesus, once again……..she had a prenup, SHE HAS MORE MONEY THAN HIM. Get your facts straight before commenting.

    2. Of course I know what I am talking about you descending bitch. Don’t fuckin’ try and change my views about bitches that only like somebody for their money and not for who they are.

  6. One other thing I don’t like about bitches like this onscreen is that they have money of their own and they are very selfish with their money and yet they still want to run around looking for men so as to give them money. They’ll even look for teens and take money from them. Some women have no shame.

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