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    1. It’s shit like this ruins the true meaning and traditional feel of Halloween. Some people should not be let out of the house if they are going to dress up in shit like this. There’s fun and then there’s just making a complete ass of yourself, causing people to hate you even more than they probably already do.

    2. lmao Fred! I personally think this chick is bad ass and inventive in her costume decisions. Really, you have to admit that Michael Myers masks and Fairy costumes are old and boring.

    3. Yeah. Have you seen the big, fat, bedridden zombie in the house of horrors. It’s not a costume, it’s an automaton that lifts its leg and farts (with brown spot on the sheet under its leg) and then laughs real wickedly? That’s pretty cool.

  1. I cant see anything funny in this costume. i hope anyone who had a baby thinks the same way. in fact seeing something like this makes me sick about this world. this is a fail.

    1. seriously shadowkitty…what are you doing on this website if you’re so easily offended? Go watch somem HGTV while playing with your 4 cats.

  2. This is the most sadistic, disgusting fucking Halloween costume I have ever seen! This steps far beyond any boundaries of civilized society. This bag of nasty needs to crawl back into her cave and rot there.

    1. you do understand that the orgins of halloween are a pagan tradtion right and that things like the pumkin where left on the door step where done after they took virgin sacrifices to keep the evil away right.. and if this is the worst thing you have ever seen you ether are new to the internet or are one of them self rightous god people who think there always right and anything that offends you should never excist…ether way.. you are an the world

    2. spr808, dude your a pussy. Halloween isn’t supposed to be cutesy I bet you dress up as a fucking princess every Halloween huh… you pussy

    1. Finally! At least one commenter on this site isn’t a whining idiot. Halloween is about horror, scares, blood, and fun. Recreating costumes from horror classics are some of the best dressed people you’ll see out on this wicked night. Dead Alive (aka. Braindead) was a great flick!

    2. That movie was a great treat !! At that time it was the Bloodiest movie ever made. of course now I’m sure there are some with much more. lol Happy hallows eve all !!

  3. NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! IAN, NICKY NO NAME and MACHO MAN!!!!! It’s a Costume…………. Can’t fall in love with her…………………

  4. Face it, this would scare the crap out of any kid coming to trick or treat your house, therefore it is a win, even if it is a strange and scary one…

    1. Nom..nom…nom..nom… shut the fuck up & pass the gravy.. Have a baby leg, still warm…. MMmmmmmm….

  5. let me get this straight everyone on here is ok with movies that show gore sex drugs rape blood and death but isnt ok with this bitch i say people grow the fuck up or crawl back in your mothers pussy and stay there because this is shit we see in movies but when its really create in real life people bitch and complain i like it i say win on her part and if you can play video games that have people heads getting blow the fuck off you can deal with this

    1. Stop! Now breath in, breath out…slowly take your time.

      My question to you is “Did you ever hear the term punctuation?.

  6. I was probably too harsh in ky last comment so it wasn’t approved. So. If you’re one of the moron offended by this costume, you even be on this website, you bagina.

  7. People are more accepting of this grossness than the kid in the tacky condom costume? Wow. Neither of them are cool in my mind.

  8. haha. I personally love it, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing it out in the streets near my house. I’ve been waiting for that zombie apocalypse and I’m a shoot on site kind of girl.

  9. haha, i love it. but i wouldn’t personally recommend wearing it around my neighborhood. because im ready for the zombie apocalypse and im a shoot on sight kind of girl.

  10. Awww…that must bring back some memories Nick No Name huh? Back when mommy hated you soo much she tore you from her belly cause she couldn’t stand the wretch inside of her? Cherished moments.

  11. I don’t know where its from, but if I were the judge at the Halloween costume contest she went to, she would’ve won, hands down. I realize the theme is kinda creepy, but you have to remember that its just a costume, and respect the gory artistic style. We don’t complain about the zombies we see in horror movies, do we? No, we either watch them and enjoy the sick, demented art of someone else’s depraved mind or we lock those movies outside of our house.

  12. That takes a lot of talent to create a costume like that…I love it! Definite win! The more gore, the more awesome

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