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  1. I bet it was a text message saying “your father just gives you away, you’re not meant to marry him”. Lucky for her she had on her veil of invisibility. 10 points to Gryffindor!

    1. Yea 2lolo, what’s your deal dude? EVERY ONE of your comments mentions nicky no name. It’s pretty creepy. Anyway, comment win to nicky.

    2. 2LOLO has been stalking Nicky for some time now, his unhealthy fascination has been spurred on by years of watching gay porn and manic masturbation sessions, maybe one day soon he will get the help he needs, something like chemical castration could be in order.

    3. That’s Ok, I creep myself out sometimes. And 2LOLO loves us really. Apparently a little too much…

    4. wha? That doesn’t even make sense Nicky…. Im sure in your head it was funny, but you need to filter your crazy.

  2. i wouldve said ¨seriously your going to text right now at this moment¨and smacked her and finally said ¨bitch its over!¨

    1. No need to shove it. Just place it in visual range of the crater and it will pull it in automatically.

  3. Seriously! I bet that it was a friend, who was probably at the wedding, who couldn’t wait to tell her how fat…..I mean how beautiful she looks in her dress.

  4. “First you make me wear this stupid pink tie and vest, and now your texting at the wedding?” Man, if I was the preacher I would have stopped talking the whole time she was texting just to embarass that chunk!

  5. it’s very obvious no – one can see her under that veil, it was a seamless text and not one hillbilly would have noticed.

  6. i would of snatched the phone and chucked that shit out in the street and look her and be like say something bitch and you want be getting all my money u want when i die

  7. He should have pulled his cock out and smacked her upside the head with it. I’d say that’s about the same level of disrespect she’s showing him.

  8. Remember bart Simpson when he kept showing Lisa VIA the remote control how she broke barts friend Milton?? I think.heart …you can see it happening on here, when they play the film back I can imagine all his insecurities before the wedding asking her stuff like ,”do u really love me, are you sure you want to do this” then as they watch it they all come back to him as the phone is so important its right by her heart and to make matters worst its left on, then she responds, hence rewind to the point where he starts gurning, his face it gets redder and he looks in pain, I would have asked the priest to text him the rest of the service then when the vital question comes do u take this biatch to be your wife I’d send a sad face ….

  9. That’s my number one rule of dating. If the bitch pulls out her cell phone to text while I’m talking to her just once, her ass is walkin home.

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