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    1. 2LOLO .. why do you continue to try to spout zingers? You have never done anything but fail miserably, I understand in your retard rage/inbred incredulity you cannot find a creative way to deal with the frustration of not understanding enough about english to get the point to Nicky’s obvious witty sarcasm…wait..this defeats the purpose..let me grab a crayon…

    2. 2LOLO .. YOU = Not funny.
      Your Try at Insults = Only hurts trying to read them.
      You = Making us angry that you are still breathing.
      You = Should go choke yourself as soon as possible.

    1. ‘WTF” is not a proper grammatical matter. Please show/type your real emotion while avoiding the laziness associated with abbreviations such as “LOL”. We all know that 99.9% of people using abbreviations are not actually corresponding with their typed actions.

    2. Please do something constructive with your life, it is the epitome of worthless to wage the argument you just tried to wage. Noone cares about your english/grammar lesson, nor do we care about your arrogant opinion. 😉 WTF? LOL!

  1. That was one of thembtimes I wish I had been struck with temporary blindness, at first I couldn’t work out what gender it was, 1st I thought she had flaps the size of a pack of uncooked Bacon, then I thought its was a dude with a severe hernia prob. That pic would frighten a policehorse…so as its a Halloween still shouldn’t be allowed, there’s frightening and there’s disturbing, thesis the latter.

  2. I know damn well she was not trying to wrap her big collie flower ass around that small pole and on top of that she got the nerve to put her legs up looking likE she goT 2 pig nuts hanging down. Why do these heavy heavy women humiliate themselves like that? She got a glass of beer in her hand which is half gone, if her ass falls, who’s going to pick her up, someone better have a phone number for a CRANE company.

  3. I almost feel bad for…her? (i think its a chick) But …it…had to know this was a bad idea. No, horrible…it was a horrible gastly god awful soul rotting eye bleeding choking on my own puke kinda idea.

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