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    1. @vollhorst your stupid ass fuck u know that black people are more fat scumbags and everything u said even more than white people….your probaly feel stupid right now.just shut ur mouth lol

    1. A “nigglet”.. REALLY???? It’s a freaking child!! You’re an ignorant idiot who needs to pull your head out of your backwoods thinking ass!!
      “Evil” is right… I hope to God you don’t work in a daycare, or anywhere near children you nasty piece of white trash.

    2. @Normal: How are you going to call Arizona an ignorant idiot and turn around and use a racial slur at him/her? – I’m not saying that I agree with what was said but you’re defeating the purpose of your arguement by calling Arizona a racial slur after chastising him/her for using one.

  1. I think I am more disturbed by the fact that one of their Facebook friends wrote “Colored Folk”! The person you consider a friend might be just a tiny bit Racist…. Just saying! Time to push that “Unfriend” button.

  2. Umm no we arent and all races has stupid people, the cheap aholes, and gross perverted people. And I do agree who the hell dresses their as a freakin condom. Seriously who does that crap.?

  3. Is that an actual black man sized condom wrapper? Either way it’s a contraception win in my book… one look at that smiley little chocolate face and I lost my erection.

    1. Nicky

      That’s Macho Man son………. Mancho Man is paying me, $20.00 for 1 hour with you…….. Now!!! Get to Work!!!!!

    2. I make comments. He/ it stalks me. I think you and 2LOLO would make a cute couple though… a pair of inferior trolls with a penchant for penis. Match made in heaven.

  4. I thought it was the record label with a large bag for purchases, until I read lubricato …1st time a see a young kid come in a bag tho …no racism from me ,can’t be bothered with it

  5. Oh my Lord people, although the condom may be in bad taste I am absolutely astonished by the racism and I am from Germany…aren’t you Americans supposed to be all united and shit? wow….I will call these comments a FAIL. By the way I saw a white dude dressed as a Jack Daniels bottle and his 3 year old dressed up as a Marlboro Pack of smokes, how about them apples?

    1. RoccoL it wasn’t Evie who did it. Why do ppl have to pick on ppl for something that happened before they were born?

    2. When I was stationed in Germany for two years frauleins were only screwing black guys. Yet I never saw any with black kids. What’s yup with that?

  6. So that’s obviously an adult-sized costume that they decided to put on the kid as a joke. The fail here is the ignorant girl’s comment about “colored folk”… I know plenty of un-colored folk that’d do that too. Let’s just call all people what they are – tacky and spastic.

  7. I wanted to dress up as a Rainbow Condom last year. Then I realized…People might think I am gay, even being a girl..Oh well. I still SHOULD HAVE done it! 😀 Should have done it this year. =_=

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