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    1. I agree ^
      You can be gay or whatever the fuck you want
      but if you walk around the school looking like lady gaga,
      dont expect to NOT get bullied *facepalms*

    1. school fail…

      bullying is no joke…

      theres just no punishment severe enough for it.

      death penalty aint enough

    1. You’re welcome 2LOLO. And congratulations are in order as you’ve managed to get what you wanted all along… some male attention.

  1. NO the best advise to a bullied kid is to grab a 2×4 with a nail sticking out of the end and swing for the fences. Bullies are losers who have terrible lives and need to take it out on someone more fortunate than them. The only way to stop a bully is beat him to a bloody pulp, columbine is a prime example of how to stop bullying.

  2. When a kid sits in the teacher’s office complaining. All the while he is wearing lavender skinny jeans, a cutoff baby tee and more makeup than his mom….what is the best advice you can give him….not what is pc, not what seems sppropriate…

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