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    1. No, I’m just saying that I’ve seen more meat at my place, when your a butcher it comes with the territory!!

    2. I think we should have a gay-meter in this site, just to guard against conversations like that from going too far.
      “Too far” of course will be shown as a pink mark at the top of the gay-meter, just below the 2LOLO mark.


      What’s going on??? When you see my penis…… You always say, It’s your Meat. And you want it in your mouth!!!!!

    4. I like to test the limits of acceptable comedy gayness. 2LOLO takes it to a weird, dark place. His mother’s basement most likely.

  1. so am i to assume that this is what all boys do at sleepover? take their shirts off and have trust falls with each other? sounds slightly gay to me!

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