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  1. Talantless bitch that gets rich off of a bunch of desperate horny teenagers who day-dream of fucking an average looking scene whore.

    1. Talentless*

      Couldn’t resist the opportunity to correct God. Oh and thanks for the micro-penis. Bastard.

    2. @Nicky: *Oh, and thanks…
      @omgitsme: You cannot “LOLed”. There is no such thing as “louded”.
      @God: Yup. Jealous?

    1. Dear boy, of COURSE this is a recorder, but what is a recorder? – It’s a KIND of flute… To be wikipedantic: “recorder is a woodwind musical instrument of the family known as fipple flutes or internal duct flutes” just sayin.

    1. I’m not surprised. She is one hell of a failure. But, it’s bullshit like this that makes money nowadays.

  2. Katy perry is like a very expensive prostitute. You dont pay her money for sex, but when shes around she will do ALL of your drugs.

    1. Flute is one syllable. Clarinet is three. She’s barely got the alphabet down past K you can’t expect her to get that complicated just yet lol

  3. Uh Katy dear… thats not a flute. I should know, my friend used to sit next to me in band class and he played it.

    …Thats a recorder

  4. Whites who try to sing like negroid rappers complete with dumb fuck hand gestures need to die in fiery plane crashes.
    And people actually buy this drivel?

    1. We’re engaging in large amounts of exploitation, simultaneously spending copious amounts of money. We’re engaging in large amounts of exploitation, our car has very large chrome rims with thin tires. We’re engaging in large amounts of exploitation, and we happen to be in New York City. And by We, we’re referring to Jigga Man, Pimp C, and B-U-N B.

  5. I don’t get how this is a fail?

    This has been done purposely at every single show since February….

    Yeah, it’s not really funny, but the fact you people thought it was real?… FAIL!!!!!!!!

  6. for everyone saying “that’s not a flute!” it actually IS a flute. It’s called a Soprano flute. There’s more than one kind, you know? dumbasses.

  7. that was a blinged out recorder, sorry, Katy aint got no voice, I still like her, but i have heard better singing at my elementary aged childs school- if not for little kids wanting to be like her, or with her, she would have 0 fame

  8. so hot and can still fail that hard. i guess the god of failure cares not for beauty, wealth or fame, he only cares if the time is right.

  9. Learn to count past 4, Katy…
    4 beats in a rhythm and when you fade out of a song you only do the first half of a rhythm, so 4 + 2 = 6. GAWD! I can kinda see how she only thought there were 4, but this is why we rehearse, sweetie.

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