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  1. 20 Big macs a day, 2 gallons of coke and 3 pizzas a day and you too could be famous for sitting on small guys and crushing their intestines!!

    1. IAN

      No way I’m paying her to sit on your Face!!!!! I’m your PIMP!!! But ask Nicky No Name, maybe she/him will pay for her???

  2. WTF pleasure does this fat bitch get out of this?!? There is no erotica for her besides the fact of torturing men. She should be put into rehab. … Dumb fat cunt

  3. and the guy pays money for this? that’s funny as shit though. the dood is just walkin around…eyes a fat chick…thinks to himself, i would like that to sit on me. w.t.f.

  4. Lol… Seriously, that looks kinda dangerous.
    Also, she’s fat and ugly (not to mention the horrible pink dress) 😀

  5. ROFL @ the noises the guy made. Noway to even find her whole. YOu would have to use a crowbar to move all the fat away before to even see anything.

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