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      I just received a report from 3 of your Customers. They are very happy with you..
      I didn’t know you enjoy Anal Fisting??? Now I have you and IAN who love ANAL FISTING!!!!
      Please train Nick No Name, in the art of ANAL FISTING……………..

    2. Why so he can practice on your ass? Nicky no name wouldn’t be able to please you, your ass is too stretched out for it.

    3. The world would be a better place if omgit’sthatthing gets smacked up like that. I just feel that thing needs a beating.

    4. i don’t understand why you all keep calling me fist-man and shitt…i already told you that the admin changed the words i wrote to that old comment. i didn’t wrote fist…i wrote first! stupid fucks…
      try Anal-elbowing…you should love that!!

    5. With a cock as big as mine, who needs a fist? Just a thought but I think 2LOLO and james would make a cute couple 😉 With their shared love of fisting n all…

    1. NICKY

      Are you alright????? That was a hard punch to your mouth.. Nicky you be working with Omgitsme today…

    2. OK, I have some ground rules omgitsme… 1) No hair pulling 2) Keep your fingers/ tater tots out of my ass and most importantly 3) my balls must be tickled at ALL times. Remember this and we’ll get on just fine. Oh and um, if it were 2LOLO in the video, it would’ve been a different kind of fisting 😉

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