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  1. This is one of the funniest bathroom designs I have ever seen. When I first saw this picture, I knew something was wrong with this pic. The more I look at the pic, the more funnier it’s gets and I was laughing on top of my lungs cuz I realised, there was a filght of stairs that led to the toilet, the toilet was placed at the edge of the top of the stairs and if majority sits down on the toilet, their feet will not touch the ground, they will feel like a small child on the toilet and also some people can even fall off the toilet and down the stairs if they are not careful LOL 😀

    1. I don’t need to see a doctor if I find one of the funniest toilet fails funny. You guys need to stop taking things seriously and have a laugh. If it was me that was like this, some of you people will start telling me that I don’t have sense of humour, critisizing me that I can’t laugh at myself and other people. I love to have a laugh at times, it’s good for me.

  2. Thank you CJAC5 for explaining why the picture is funny and breaking it down for us… btw I regret to inform you *more funnier* is not proper English.

  3. I want to know who made the rule that you HAVE TO touch the floor with your feet while taking a dump? Does it give you more leverage when pushing… or what?

    1. Aparently the best position to relieve your bowels is in the squatting position. It opens them up and does not need as much straining to excrete your waste. BTW- I know this because of my medical background, not because of some sick fetish! If your after sick fetich info speak with Nicky No Name, he is our expert!!

    2. No medical background required, I learnt the hard way… took a few shits standing up and it soon became clear. And yes, if you ever find yourself wondering “what is a Fleshlight?” or “how do love eggs work??”, I’m your man.

  4. Great if you have really long legs. The toilet is likely up high because the sewer pipe is too high to drain if the toilet was on the floor.

  5. King of your own throne. This was made for the sole purpose of having your scepter polished by your lady while you rule your kingdom. Blumpkin WIN.

  6. If this throne is located in Ft. Collins, Co, i have pooped in it. And if this is said toilet, then where the pic ends on the top, that is the ceiling.

  7. I like this post really I think people should do something funny each and every time which make them laugh them all time. when I saw this image and I was laughing and I shown this picture to my friend, even she was laughing. I appreciate your views for laughing. 🙂

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