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    1. I wouldn’t call it “douche-baggery” as much as I’d call it embarassing. When I think of a douche-bag, I think of those stupid spoiled quido retards on Jersey Shore. Even those imbecile duck faces that follow them. But definitely not douche-baggery. my 2 cents.

  1. Well, he was into it, fair enough. We’ve all done worse drunk, but nobody recorded it. (The music is utter shit, by the way)

  2. I’m sure he sings as well as the average metal band. Everything is digitized and manipulated that they can turn pathetic losers like Justin Bieber into a heart throb star.

  3. the problem is not the crap they do, but also they film themselves and not happy with that, they put this S H I T in the web!!!!

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