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    1. @riverrat . this is why she is taking the pic faceing the other way so we dont see her ex pregnant flab

    1. Might be but that’s a white trailer thrash mom. Good he has a beaner dad if the dad was white he might molest him.

  1. god.whats with these nasty ugly ho’s,trying to take pictures of themselves?give it a rest,no one wants to see your nasty ass.

    1. I think someone did in fact want to see her “nasty ass” – some desperate guy probably asked her to send a “sexy” pic.. Meh.

    2. It was me, I ploughed her like an field in spring. That kid’s not mine though. I suspect it is in fact another minge elf, working to repair the damage.

    3. No no that’s my kid, thanks Nicky, you did me a favor by plowing her, I just had eaten and was too disgusted to hit that.

  2. Seriously…is there a reason why so many skanks take pic’s of themselves…in the bathroom…with half naked kids in the shot? Cause I know, as a single male…that just turns me on (sarcasm). And what ugly dwarf wetback did she bang to produce such a demon spawn?

  3. i know that chick she is a hoe straight up. she got like 10 different baby daddys and got married to some foo and was sleeping with another foo. she NASTY

  4. ay that bitch a hoe straight up she the most nastiest thing on earth she been around the block a few times.

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