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    1. It’s become painfully obvious of late that natural selection can no longer contain the exploding retard population. Case in point, I’m still standing.

      We better hurry, though. I was in Walmart last week and counted 33 “glowing” ballooned up retarded females. All this out of work shit is driving them to breed. I predict this will be worse than the Babyboom.

    1. Yup. Good ol’ America. Full of morons. I’d rather be an American than anything else though. I still get to have a full-sized bathroom, with a separate shower area.

    2. I am an American, and I agree with you. It makes me sad and mad. I’m not making excuses for these people, there ignorance is their own fault, but the media they are force fed every day says “Stupidity is cool, intelligence is for pussies”. It is getting worse with every generation too. At least in the 80s and 90s there was, small as it may have been, counter culture that made you think to one extent or another. These kids don’t have that in this day and age, not that I’ve seen anyway. And these stupid bastards are going to be the ones that my generation will have to rely on once we are to old to effect change anymore. Think I’ll just shoot myself before than though.

    3. larry it’s not that healthy to comment on a website called ‘’ saying you are going to shoot yourself because of your country, bro.

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