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  1. He needs a zip in his head like that black girl from the other post, insert new brain here as this current brain is scrambled!! I had no idea heads could bounce so well.

  2. Dude got knocked the fuck out. Why do nut jobs like this intentionally do crazy shit like this? Back when I was a kid the most we did was build shallow ramps to jump over our sisters with our bicycles like Evil Knievel did with his motorcycle. I known that I never mimicked his wrecks, though they were quite spectacular.

    1. Yeah, it was always majorly disappointing when he made it without at least 10 broken bones. That Snake River Canyon shit was the biggest ripoff. I was fully anticipating him to splatter the fuck all over the canyon wall.

  3. for some reason i don’t find that very funny..oh god..please tell me i haven’t lost the ability to laugh at other people’s misfortunes!

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