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    1. That does sound like fun but it’s not something I remember doing. Such vulgarity from a woman! Shame on you Kelly… shameful shame.

    2. Im sorry. I just had the sex change a month ago so my mannerisms are still in the process of becoming more lady like. It’ll come. Give me time.

    3. Ah that explains it. Just remember not to scratch your minge or fart in public and you’ll do just fine.

    4. I don’t see why not. Though it would be a somewhat hollow threat, after the operation. How about “lick my muff, faggot” or something equally charming.

    5. All great ideas, but I believe I’ll just tell em to french kiss my vertical smile and keep it moving. Thanks guys!

    1. Well if you enjoy watching something get scared you are seriously fucked up. I know the cat is cute and all but this site is not for tender feet like you, it’s for lazy fucks like me.
      And now *drums rolling* go make me a sandwich

    1. I’m apologize for implying nice gentlemen such as yourselves are so frivolous in your romantic encounters. I see now that you take your vile and vulgar depravity quite serious.
      Drink up! And lube up!

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