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    1. And I’ll be the dick to say this but this is a fucking joke…
      Do you want to help handicaps and mentally-challenged people?
      Go fucking spent an hour with them and see how happy they are.
      Making them feel like “sport heroes” is cruel and insensitive cause noone really means it, but people like doing shit that they can brag about later on.
      Fuck this.

    2. “Anndd ohhh, out of nowhere a blind side tackle by number 18, what a monstrous hit!” *18 flexing and dancing*

    3. hey nicky no name be even better if you would put a loaded gun in your mouth and blow your head off you fricken jerk

    4. Oh poor jimmy, I think your slow brain function has allowed you to not realise that we love sarcastic banter and politically incorrect vile comments, so sit back and enjoy. Um, btw, you weren’t that retard in the video were you?

    5. Unfortunately, UK gun laws make acquiring a gun rather tricky so shooting myself in the mouth really isn’t an option. The only shot to the mouth I’m interested in, is the one I gave your mother last night. Zing!

  1. this would be considerer patronizing in my opinion.. give the mong the ball and let him score because hes a mong… tackle that shit!!

  2. Only on Epic Fail would you have a video like this above another fail of a picture of a dude squatting to take a shit on another thug gangster’s face. Way to go Epic Fail!

  3. What a load of shit.
    Now this fucker will think everyone in life will give him shit for free just because he’s a mutant.
    Christ…the blackies do that to us already.

    1. Hey look Roccol made a racist comment. Wow. you are so predictable and weak. You have to learn that it’s not your fault what all those black men did to your mom. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

    2. What a lame retort going after my mom. Supposed to get me riled up eh?
      What are you like 15 and on some ghetto shithole playground near your Section 8 shitbox apartment?

    3. I have to say that I don’t think it was a very good idea to do this for this kid. I know many people will believe it to be heartwarming and cute, but that’s about all it accomplished. Sure the kid enjoyed it, maybe, but he will probably know that it was given to him or someone will, eventually, have to explain it to him.

    4. It’s funny how this guy wants to put his two cents of how much he “hates” the blackies that he’ll even get into it when there is no visible proof of black people in the fail.
      Admit it you like to eat chocolate dick… or atleast used to, up until that last black guy you fell in love with made you sneeze his coco nuts and made you walk the “walk of shame” back in college.

    5. This is all cool and gravy until you find out the downs syndrome kid is an asshole who just cant wait to rub it in every dude’s face, calling him a “pussy-faced cocksuckaaaar” right in front of their girlfriends. I’ve met a few douchebag ones… and you cant punch ’em in the throat either.

    6. oustanding Roc. I don’t even have to come back with something. you make yourself look like a total asstard every time you leave a comment. Still though…..IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

    1. Sure, it was a nice gesture and the kid deserves a little fun but, lest we forget, this site is mostly about failure. People come here to mock others and feel better about my shrivelled micro penis. Those ‘men’ were just doing as they were asked to by their coach. I’d like to see what would happen if they hadn’t been told to let the kid score… bunch of thick shits probably would’ve piled on. Now that would’ve been brilliant.

    2. Do you know what’s brilliant sir James? The people who work with down syndrome individuals 24/7. You know who else? Anyone who ever spoke to them like a normal human being, even just a nod of aknowledgement would suffice.
      That vid was freaking Holywood, meaning it’s fake.

    3. Well said. I have worked with people who have disabilities (and not just during my work experience at Mcdonalds) and know that Lymbe is right, they don’t want do-gooder pricks making a big deal out of things, they just want fair treatment and a little help… but only if they need it.

    4. I feel much better about you guys after reading your comments here today. But I don’t feel any better about Nicky’s “shrivelled micro penis”. Have you tried penis pumps? Viagra? Silicone implants? Hustler magazines?

    5. I’ve tried it all Fred. Even electrified nipple clamps didn’t make much difference. Luckily I’ve got a limber tongue and large but gentle fingers.

    6. James you are so right about raising awareness, I had no idea retards could run that fast, I’ll remember this next time I see one crossing the road in front of my car!!

  4. That’s not really fair considering 98% of people in South Carolina have downes syndrome. they should just give everybody an automatic touch down so they can go back to rubbing turds in their hair.

  5. then you all would be saying the other team was a bunch of idiots and jerks for hurting him. They made a valient attempt to make someone feel special. Ok maybe it was in poor taste but sorry that someone went out of their way to make someone else feel better. If the world had more people like that maybe we would live in a better place. EPIC FAIL some of your comments.

  6. Meh. We don’t even know if he was aware of his gimme score. I think he liked it cause he was running of the field all the way home to tell his momma. I say it’s cool but I still wouldn’t feel obliged to do the same were it my choice to put him on the team

  7. A nice gesture,HOWEVER,(I feel bad by saying this)the final score was 64-16 Myrtle Beach. Now,would the head coach for Hilton Head even put Chip in if the game was on the line?

    1. Not at all, we had a kid with down syndrome on our team but we lost most of our games. Poor guy never payed once. My school was so ghetto, it was 85% hispanic but even our soccer team sucked.

  8. I hate condescending acts like these. How about celebrating a REAL achievement by this kid instead of fabricating a football touchdown. What’s next? A guy in a wheel chair along side as they run the ball in together. Just when does this pity parade end? And what purpose does it serve? Oh I see, it makes US feel better. I wish all these people had his back when he works his way to his first job or independent living. Naw, have yourself a touchdown kid.

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