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    1. no, remeber this: 2 in the pink, one in the stink. 2 in the poon, 1 in the moon. 2 in the bush, 1 in the tush. i cant be the only one that knows this…

    2. Other than, “2 in the pink, one in the stink” the rest is new to me.
      Thanks. I need some new material to work with.

    1. you can’t expect them to be high laugh their asses off at the cat take the picture and remember to remove the evidence from the picture area. damn give the pothead a break. lol

    2. Ian? Ian aint even in this conversation.
      Ian, you cockster! I don’t think Nicky can even keep up with a name like AardvarkTongue! That’s fucking cruel.
      Sorry, Nick.

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