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  1. See if you can spot something in this photo that isn’t cheap, tacky or both… so far I’ve got the floor but that’s it.

    1. You people are insane!! That girl is hott as hell!!!! i don’t care what her clothes say, they won’t be saying ish when they are on the floor!!!

    1. I’ll bet the mother has had that sewing machine since she was a little girl. May have been passed down from Grandma. A keepsake.

    2. Probably a precious reminder of her youth, spent working 5am-11pm in a Malaysian sweatshop… and now her granddaughter is a shallow whore… she must be so proud.

    3. Well, somebody’s got to bring home the inheritance. I say: snatch granny out of the nursing home and put her ass to work. Who else knows how to work and build a life from scratch?

    4. @EveryoneIsRacist, I get that a lot from guys with little wee wees. Face it; I’m smarter, funnier, cuter and have a much finer dick. Just be jealous in silence.

    1. Yeah, you’re supposed to marry the woman BEFORE you start beating her. Didn’t your dad teach you anything?

  2. its a hot girl livin in a poor neighborhood. why cant she at least try to look nice? fuck u lil rich kids think ur better than her? the only fail here is ur lives.

    1. I’d do her, but it would have to be considered a pity fuck, knowing that I’m so much better and all.

    2. Would it count as charity if I shafted her from behind then bought her dinner? I think it’s what Jesus would want me to do. Besides, her place looks OK to me… got wooden flooring, her own kitchen slave and a sewing machine.

    3. Uh, Nicky, just don’t do too good of a job, okay? We’d hate for these 99 percenters to start expecting too much. You know, otherwise, they might expect us that own the majority of the net worth to pay the majority of the net taxes. Lazy bastards need to strive to make just enough to keep that shitty new car running so they can get to those low paying jobs they keep thinking is gonna make those dreams come true and shit. Ha!

    4. Well, I think this is Thailand, so you’ll probably do better checking with Buddha. I’m sure he’d say go for it. Just don’t mash and kill any small lifeforms while your “gettin’ all up in that shit”.

  3. Too many jokes to rip. Booty that epic made the “I” pop off, Granny doesn’t approve this pic… I would so ruin her womb. Nice D.S.L.s too.

    1. And at least two kids, females. Two pink little princesses chairs and pink sewing machine for kids told me everything.

  4. I have a question. Why is there a red circle on her butt, circling the word “GUCC”? The old lady I understand, but the “GUCC”, does it mean fake GUCCI pants?

    1. oh shit!! I thought that was pronounced “Gook” It never occurred to me that it was “Gucci” >.<

  5. weird how asians have THE nicest asses and legs of ANY woman?..but then they look ugly, and they look like that hag in the back once they hit 50… >:( god damn you god!

  6. on the right under the olllllllllld school phone, it that a towel rack that u put n ur restroom??? lmfao!!! my bad look like the living room, kitchen, restroom, bedroom and play room is all n 1 damn that is a match box

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