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    1. Appears he still got hit with the ball. So this was to impress. Seems his cohorts all got arousals. Mission accomplished. I guess.

    2. Are you telling me that didn’t give you an erection? Lies make Jesus cry Fred. That’s why I’m not hiding this chub-on.

    3. Well, I did get an erection, but it was brought on by the little Asian girl in the ad on the right of my screen.

    4. Ahhhh the good ol days of making a circus tint out of my boxers. Now all I can do is give flash flood warnings.

    5. Well, they finally took it down. I was getting tired of seeing it. Now I’ll have to rip some of the other ads.

    6. Think I’ll go after that Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit, some tort lawyer is promoting, next.
      BTW, Nick: Stay off those antihistamines when you have the flu. They shrink me up every time.

  1. I’m not impressed… I thought he was going to do something ninja and hit someone with the ball, not do something that a retarded ninja could still do and get hit by the ball anyway.. I consider this video a fail… And I’m a bit disappointed in for letting it get through with it’s title… All around very shoddy work…

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