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    1. I do apologise, but it really does look like a stretching sphincter( with teeth, a couple of fillings and a schooner glass full of beer). Just say’n!

    2. Don’t you mean the 1 Guy 1 Cup, Ian? Looks more like that to me. But this guy is playing safe with a plastic cup.

    1. * Whilst watching Justin Bieber on YouTube and gingerly stroking the shaft of his throbbing member.

      And they say men can’t multi-task?

    2. Well it does appear acting gay really drives women crazy.
      Good angle Nicky.
      Easy on the Bieber though, you don’t want to get sucked into that black hole. Unless of course you enjoy black holes and sucking that is.

    3. Thanks, women can’t say no to a gay man with a micro penis… which brings us back to Justine Bieber… is it gay to fancy Bieber? I’m pretty sure he has a vagina.

  1. Honestly, the dude looks like his front teeth are missing and rotted gaping holes are the only things left. If so, he is going to need to deep throat many more glasses of beer to handle that sort of pain :/

  2. She’s just waiting for the inevitable beer facial. Like any good girl down where she needs to be with her mouth open waiting for the beer.

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