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  1. I was gonna say “actually, sex and babies go hand in hand” but then thought better of it.

    On a side note, you see that 12″ dildo with suction base? At the top there… I have the exact same model, in black.

    1. This is exactly why I have two kids!! Personally I happened to gravitate more towards the collars, whips, gimp balls and large black dildo in the zip lock bag in the left window!!

    2. I see all of us are gravitating towards the nice 12′ incher hanging in the window. That is exactly where my eyes first moved towards upon seeing this 😛

  2. FAIL?? EPIC WIN!!,, S&M, b&d, somethin for the pink, somethin for the stink…… And just in case you forgot somethin.. AAAAWWWW SSHHIITTE!!!

    there’s probably a planned parenthood somewhere nearby

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