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  1. I’m pretty sure these people are just taking the piss now, trying to get their photo on fail sites. Although the ambiguous gender of the one on the right is a worthy secondary fail.

    1. I might have to stick to my guns and still say this is Whoopie lol…looks too much like her but with the frowny duck face.

    2. It’s not a spray tan, look at the collar on his/her shirt, you can tell its makeup, not to mention the palms of their hands, and the extra makeup on it’s upper lip.

    3. why is everyone posting on this person’s profile it is almost as dumb as this website!

    4. I think the person on the right isn’t even black. You can see the make up on the right side of its t-shirt collar. If that is the case, that went out with Al Jolson. Not cool then, not cool now.

    1. With those shoulders and such a wide face, it’s really not that obvious… and, if that’s a costume, who the fuck is she meant to be?

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