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  1. It’s such a shame that intelligence is not a job requirement for people like this man, who run the world. No wonder it’s a fucking mess.

    1. i dont know, i think he might somehow be related to Obama… because he cant do/remember anything without his teleprompter there..

    2. lol, the entire time I watched that all I could think about was another retard Bush-alike. The man even speaks like Bush did and when I say speak I mean garble loudly in an attempt to form a complete sentence.

    3. George W. Bush IS the junior.

      I’m seriously concerned. A Texan, a moron…he’s a shoe in for the Presidency!

  2. So he had a brain freeze, like that has never happened to anyone, esp Obama.

    I seem to remember Obama thinking we had 57 states. Or that 10,000 people were killed in a tornado that killed 12. Or that his parents met in 1965 at the Selma AL march when his birth certificate says he was born in 1961. OK, that was actually just a lie. Or that his uncle was with the American troops that Liberated Auschwitz. Oh wait, that one was a lie to, since it was the Russians. Or when he saw the dead people in the audiance that he was giving a Memorial Day speech about. And on, and on, and on.

  3. Perry’s epic fail was actually when he said “I’m announcing that I’m running for President”. 1/2 of Texas crapped their pants from laughter.

    1. umm, errrm, hmm…at last I checked I do believe that Texas is still a part of America and therefore if he did become president you would still have to deal with his ruhtarded ass :/

    2. Uh don’t think so. Our governor has more of effect on us than the president. We do fine no matter who is president. As a matter of fact the rest of the country just weighs us down.
      We do breed smart here Ian, check our unemployment stats and see for yourself. Now kindly go fuck yourself you tenderfooted faggot.

    3. I’m not interested in Texas unemployment rates, or the USA’s for that matter considering I live on the other side of the world(thankfully!).And it’s Mr tenderfooted faggot thank you very much!

    4. Damn I didn’t know you were a foreigner. I take back the tenderfooted faggot comment.
      You’re now a candy-ass bitch.

  4. Well not to take up for TEX Perry, but.. as long as we’re running against a bunch of tree hugging, whale humping LIBTARDS.. We’ll be just fine. And OBAMA SUCKS, if you wanna talk about garbled english, listen to how many times he says UH, UM, UH when the teleprompter goes out. That’s a helluva lot worse than oops.

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