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    1. He was HIV free before he got the ink. Jail tats are just crap aren’t they! BTW, isn’t his penis supposed to under that very feminine butterfly somewhere?

    2. Play on words MC. Do you have your period because you seem a little fragile?! Get yourself a hot water bottle an a cup of green tea, then I’ll see you in the morning princess!!

  1. This type of scratcher shit pisses me off so bad! I tattoo for a living, did a 5 year apprenticeship before I even had a machine placed in my hand. There is no respect in this business anymore. Every douche who wants to be “Cool Guy, Kat Von D, Rock Star” buys some cheap piece of shit kit off of Ebay, watches some lame drama filled TV show on TLC, and start fucking people up left and right. Granted I make more money off of cover-ups, they are never as good of a tattoo as they could have been, and I would rather do a good looking solid tattoo than make an extra buck. It makes my industry look bad, it spreads disease, and takes food off my table. If you know any of these cockstains that do this to people, do me a favor and take a hammer to their fingers. If you know some one who went to one of these morons because “it was so much cheaper than a shop” kick them in the sack/cooch for me. If you are thinking about getting some work done, price shouldn’t matter. If you are worried about cost, don’t bother getting it. Save yourself a lot of heartache and, in the end, twice as much to fix your Kitchen Magician special. Portfolios are important, but nothing beats seeing a few pieces in person and healed by the artist.


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