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  1. What’s with the Freddie Murcury mustaches on these guys? Do they think it’ll help them live forever? just makes them fall on their fat bottoms. They should have ridden bicycles instead. Bunch of dumb bohemians. Maybe if they try real hard, they can pretend to be champions. But most likely they’ll just end up being rocked by the road.
    I pun, therefore I am.

  2. OK,now with all the mathematics and even common sense going down a long steady slope on a skateboard can only end in one of two ways 1) Dont Fuck Up and 2)Dont Fuck Up Then there are the odds 1)you will fall 2)you wont fall. i would say the odds are 1 and 1,1)you will fuck up and 1)you will fall which makes 2 You are going to hurt 2,lol

  3. The only thing that would have made this clip better would be if a car had been coming the other way and run over the dumb ass!!

  4. Wow giving 3 and and half gays a bashing on here is pointless, I suppose at the time they were enjoying themselves not hurting anyone only risking themselves, so maybe for 1 to fail leveled itself out in the end, so fukkit let em be ,let em play with their toys point in bring angry bout it 😉

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