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  1. No, he did it right… if the song is anything by Bon Jovi, White Snake, White Lion, or Warrant you destroy the instruments before the song.

    1. Great Nicky, now 2LOLO will jump in about losing money because “you aint his hooker”, or make money “cause he knows bro’s who do dead people”.!

    2. He’s quite the wordsmith isn’t he. How he keeps his material so fresh, witty and hilarious, I will never know.

  2. This is definitely going to put a bad mark on his resume and possibly put an end to his rocking career. How can someone hire you knowing that you can’t be trusted to finish a gig or honor your contract. This is like stealing from the whole band, crew, roadies, and fans that paid for their tickets to see a show and dedicated time out of their lives to seemthis show just to have it wasted.

    1. He is to good for those losers anyways and hes getting recognition from this video. win.fuck the shitty band and the fans can get kicked in head from on stage

  3. It sounded like he said something about being 86’ed; which is saying he is being kicked out. Something tells me this band was breaking up after this gig, and he got pissed.

  4. I love when a band has to stop mid song and it just trails off. I also loved the debate at the end. LADY: “You a fucking Asshole Tim!!”… TIM(I presume): “Rock n ROLL!!!!” LADY: You’re an asshole! TIM: Whooo!!!!

  5. Dudes, 86 is the year of the song…the guitarist wanted to introduce the song nicely and the lead singer didn’t have the patience to have him finish. Prolly snorted a line too many before the gig. At least LADY had the guts to tell Tim Bon Jovi what dick he is.
    But then again, maybe the guitarist indeed had some taste and decided that “shot through the heart” was the cue for bailing.

  6. the guy gets interupted mid sentance by that louzy crap half ass singer, the guy was explaining to the crowd why the band was quiting, wouldnt you get angry?

  7. quitting a band that dresses like that, on stage, during that song, that’s some real rock n roll dope. i’d call this one a win.

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