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  1. This is indeed a fail, as any self respecting man watching Twilight would be stroking his boner… tricky to do whilst wearing a Snuggie.

  2. Its her birthday so they’re gonna watch the movie. This in no way compares to all the crazy bitches camping out for days for the premiere.

    I swear every time there a Twilight related event happening it automatically comes with a tent city!

  3. TRUE!!! VERY TRUE!!!! Ian and Nicky No Name…….Thank you for pointing it out!!!


    1. I kinda like him. He’s growing on me, like some kind of genital fungus. Not that I have genital fungus. The crabs don’t like it.

  4. And I concur with Todd. It’s her birthday so buy her a fancy dinner and fuck her.
    What kind of man voluntarily suggests snuggies and Twilight??

    1. Twilight to get her in the mood from watching the soft porn of vampires, wolfs, and a bitch that secretly wants to get flipped by both. The snuggie is just for easy access to fuck her doggy style while she fantasize it’s the wolf and then he’s going to be the vampire and make her get on her knees and give up that neck. This man is actually pretty smart. Complicated but smart.

    2. If by ‘complicated’, you mean ‘harbours a secret desire to wear women’s clothing and have sex with Edward Whatsisface from Twilight’ then yes, he is complicated. And so am I.

  5. That guy is smart! He says “let’s watch twilight and wear snuggies together…” knowing she’s gonna f*** his brains out later if he does that.. doesn’t sound gay to me!

    1. theres no way twilight gets a chick horny, she’ll wanna cuddle ONLY, hubbys gay for sure. poor poor things, twilightgs gonna bring em undone. oh well

    2. aleinz is one of those idiots who is prepared to act like a fag to try and get “laid” because they are so desperate, only to have it back fire on him LOLOLOL faggot

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