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  1. was thinking a chick with an extra chromosome that just happened to be a “y”.

    People wonder why my generation is lazy? Well, we know that people like this make the rest of seem like idiots, so why bother. The world is ending near this time next year anyway… right?

  2. I can deal with weird fetishes. But when poop gets involved and results in a stiffie, WTF is the only phrase which comes to mind.

  3. FAIL – Because that girl is flat chested!
    Someone forgot to tell her to stuff her bra with the padding not put in on the ass!

    1. WOW who let their stupid f*cking preschooler use the computer! I want to scratch my eyes out everytime i see this retards comments! ^^^^^^^^^^^Waste of useful organs!

  4. Oh Justin, please send me a signed copy of that photo! I am a true Belieber! I love yoooouuuuu!!!!!! You can get me pregnant anytime, and I couldn’t give a fuck if you only last 30n seconds, it would still be the best 30 seconds of my life!! xxxxxxxxxxooooooooooo

  5. i saw the top of this pic and thought hes pretty cute…*scrolls down* uhmm…uhmm..what? confused on how this is attractive at all

  6. *Scroll*
    “Oh he’s kinda cute..”
    *keeps scrolling*
    “Wait..what is that??”
    *Scroll* *Scroll*
    “What the fuck?!”
    *Scroll back up*
    “..but he is cute…”
    *Looks to the left*
    *Notices his bracelet says “Cock”*
    “I’m ashamed of my-self..”

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