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    1. My thoughts exactly, what the hell where those parents thinking letting there young son on a train with ripped shorts!! Disgraceful!!

    2. Tha looks like a kid with no parents living on the streets…. Very common in 3rd world countries… I vould change the description…

    3. I’d say this is not just parenting fail. This would be general India fail. Don’t get me wrong, i love India. But their religion makes them think they’re immortal…dangerous

  1. I’m not usually one to take the serious, moral path but that’s actually kinda sad… kid could barely hold his own weight there, needs to work on his core and upper body. Cool shorts though.

    1. Alot kids have ripped shorts in Asia. In Tibet they just squat down and shit in the streets. Well atleast in some cities/small towns they do..Saves the diaper I guess…

    2. I’m also wearing ripped pants. I’ve concluded that going to the toilet is a hassle. i’m pooping right now.

    3. good for you Sheldon…way to do away with the standard norm of polite toilet etiquette and just have at it anywhere you want. Mind you, you may have some issues with someone wanting you, but hey, at least you are free from always having to look for a bathroom ^^

    1. HA HA AHA AH HA HA. technical advanced Country fail. So its normal to parent your child like that in Argentina, or was he alone without parents?

  2. Thats not a parenting fail, if he is doing that is because he doesn’t have parents, and he has to do something to get a coin to eat and to support his abandoned 6 brothers, you dont know anything about this socioeconomic phenomenon, and i am sure that you don’t go out much from your overconsuming, capitalist, Mc Donald eating city. poverty is not a FAIL, the FAIL are the the ignorants that laugh at it.

  3. I saw this a few weeks ago, fuck, it’s amazing that adults give them a bad example. That is the reason why the world is so fucked!

  4. You narrow minded american really know nothing about the rest of the world!! “What kinda bus or train has a door open like that in the first place?”: Get the hell out of your country and see the world by yourself for f**k sake!

  5. who in their right mind to let a kid out with no underware and ripped shorts on he does have a cute butt mmmmmmmmmmm i would love to have him sit on my lap then he can talk to the frist thing that pops up mmmmmmmm makes me happy in pants just thinking about it

    1. I actually can’t believe this. The fact that people are desensitized to the point of making a joke at the expense of a child living this kind of poverty and neglect. That is assuming youre trying to be funny.Let me let you in on a little something..the rest of the world doesnt find this funny. In fact we think youre a giiiant peice of shit. Im going to attribute your lack of social skills to the fact that you probably have no friends, the people on the other side of the computer dont count. I dont know you, but you make me puke. And if you are indeed a pedophile, then fuck you even more, Bitch 🙂

  6. Looks gypsy style. Not much of a loss if he would have fallen. They’re compromised. Only thing that can be done with them is glue.

  7. Who ever was taping this gets the bigger fail, what if the kid couldn’t hold himself? That sure makes a good video to upload on the internet!

    1. yes it makes it better knowing that is one less of them to answer “Thank-you for calling Tech Support, HOW may I HELP YOU?”

  8. From the look on this lil turd’s face, I’d say death would be welcome and probably save the rest of the world some trouble later on. Lil piece of trash.

  9. wtf!!! You should be shame to make this a joke!!! This kid probably doesn’t even has parents!!! This is a serious problem. Thats not funny…idiot. Engraçado é os vídeos dos americanos que nem sabem onde é a França ou quantos estados tem os EUA. Deves pensar que estás a fazer uma bela figura mas não passa de uma figura de merda!

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