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  1. Only whiteboys think this shit is cool. Guzzle the drink then rape a bitch and get away with it and then I would be impressed.

    1. Yeah… Because that’s what you proud black people do best… Oh wait, you’re usually not smart enough top get away with it.

    2. Rape them really?!?!? You’re a nutcase!!! What he’s doing is essentially harmless rape leaves mental and emotional trauma. Yeah they might be pissed at first but later on most of those are going to tell everyone because he thought they were pretty to steal an innocent kiss from.

    3. this minortiy is just mad that whitey gets away with it…cause mikey hates gettin caught for rape all the time…the other guy is right, you’re not smart enough to kiss a chick without paying her 1st.

  2. Funny how no one has made any comment as to the why and how of his wide-mouthed-deep-throated ability to dump beer down his cum guzzler. This guy is an epic douche. No win here, move along.

  3. Wow, that guy is pimp, but it should be called Hookers kiss cause all those girls were not hot and some of them were even ugly,

  4. Do you see how cool the white girls are about it and the black girls act like they are divas with a stick up their ass.and they arent even good looking…..this is why black guys are leaving black women for white girls.i love white girls!!!!!!

  5. The last two girls, if you know anything about a hooters, were hostesses. The reason why they hostess is because they are too young to be a waitress at hooters. WAY TO GO PEDO-DOUCHE!

  6. Speaking as a hot chick that used to be a waitress, I would totally have taken that a step further and made out with him. That’s how you get extra tips hahahaha

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