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    1. @Bassman the technical term is called “Native American” . Indian was a name coined by Columbus from him thinking that he landed in India because he was unaware of the North American Continent

      *The More you know !

  1. Ya know, people like you give us normal “white people” a bad order to say something so ignorant you have to be young. No one said anything to you yet you feel the need to type something completely stupid. Go spray paint yourself black, your an idiot. And like that guy said, Indians were here first MORON. remember Christopher Columbus. Jeez….finish Jr. High.

  2. I really like Epic Fail. The only part is every now and then you get some idiot like JC hating black people and we have to put up with his stupidity because the Constitution protects his right to free speech, even if his speech is stupid. Get bent, Cheify.

    1. Scatter… have you tried dying your skin pigmentation? Like micheal jackson? It’s a whole lot less stressful on the other side.

    2. I laugh at the irony in calling an aboriginal person out for racial slander by calling them “chiefy”.

      *squints* Can’t tell if trolling…or just stupid…

  3. Being Native American I hear remarks all the time. Allow me to exercise my right to free speech by saying KISS MY FUCKIN ASS! My boyfriend loves it when I dress in feathers and ride his pony, I love who I am!! This lady is just wrong regardless of her race, she looks like a damn pumpkin, and I thought garters go around your thigh, oh well must not fit. Since its sooo fun to stereotype would it be a correct assumption to say all “europeans” have little dicks thats why they have big mouths to compensate for shortcomings?! I ddnt think so

  4. Geezus…..if we burn all you fat fuck negroids we can heat millions of homes for years. The fat content on your pathetic bodies will yield plenty of BTU’s.
    I shall run some HVAC calcs and let you all know.

    1. An interesting take on renewable fuel sources. I always knew racism would save the world one day…

    2. The “Soyent Green” experiment didn’t pan out as expected since they all taste like they look… shit.

    3. Come on… is that the best racist comment you can come up with? Your imagination is smaller than your tiny white penis. Soylent*

    4. I enjoy clicking on the comments button next to pictures and videos of stereotypical blacks for the soul purpose of reading roccoLs hilarious albeit racial comments.

    5. Blackies and their typical behaviours are the gift that keep on giving in terms of EPIC FAIL and a multitude of other sites.
      How can one NOT comment in a racist way?
      It’s fun and profitable!!

  5. Maybe she’s supposed to wear the suit and BTW all you racist these two in the picture, will always have more class then you pieces of SHIT!!! That is all!!!

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