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    1. Perhaps it’s an avant-garde statement about domestic violence in the Caribbean? (Tropical punch) Or perhaps she’s a retarded attention whore? My money is on the latter.

    1. holy crap, I did not even see that until you pointed that out. Do you have some sort of deformity radar or something? lol

    2. My giant third testicle gives me psychic powers. Also makes finding comfortable boxers really difficult.

  1. No category 5 chimpout inducing comment needed here.
    Why you ask?
    Just look at this dumb fuck.
    The defense rests their case your honor.

    1. The categories range from 1-5.
      A Cat5 chimpout ( epic) is when the negroid species has a fit of rage complete with arms a-flailing, frothing at the mouth, screaming incoherent jungle buggabo, threatening death and of course repetitive ” Dat’s ray-sis!!….and suk muh dik” comments.
      The female nig-nogs have got this Cat5 chimpout down to an art form as can be witnesses on the multitude of Youtube vids of beat downs and hair extension pullings.

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