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    1. Cats are evil, you can see it in their cold, menacing eyes. If they were big enough, they’d kill you and everyone you love. Dogs are the only thing between cats and world domination.

    2. Yes, but drugs harm everything more than cats and dogs together, let’s forget our love for animals and concentrate on the crux of the problem. Hi i’m Greg and i am a meth addict…

    3. I’m with you Nicky, they d kill us all if they could and proof of that are bigger cats like lions tigers etc..however, knowing all that I am quite fond of them..guess I ve fallen into their trap!!

  1. That’s not a win; that’s a huge HUGE fail. That game is having a huge sensory overload; and I’ve seen a few cats do it while traveling in a car; they don’t like it. (the ones I’ve seen travel cross country, got sick and puked in the car when my friend moved). Some cats are okay with it…..and other well…look at him.

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