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    1. WHAT?? no tip is extra money if the food, or rather the SERVICE is extra good..

      what if for instance you have saved up 50 dollars for a good meal.. then you cant afford tips…

  1. I worked in restaurants for over 10 years. You see these “tips” all the fucking time. Whoever makes those things should be murdered

  2. I on behalf of the 1% of true christians apologize for this neurotic excuse of a christian….i work at a restaurant as well and i know how important tips are….99% of all christians try to convert people to become christians and try to be christ and god…the 1% know that they are not christ and not god, instead we love, not judge, not try to save someone…thats Gods job….again i am sorry on behalf of the christians like me trying to do damage control for idiot christians like this person is

    1. I am quite impressed True. You have to be the first Christian I have ever heard/seen that has openly apologized for the radical idiot Christians like this. You have raised my respect for Christianity slightly, although admittedly my numbers are still around -567…it is a start though 😛

    2. Well technically we as Christians are supposed to try to help people who don’t believe, find Christ. I have no problems preaching to people who are open to hear it, but I don’t force it down anyone’s throats who doesn’t want to hear it. I hate people that do that, just like I hate atheists who try to force their anti-religion down my throat. You just have to know when and who it’s appropriate to do that with instead of just doing it to everyone.

  3. Last sentence -I have never been more atheist- was actually a fail. Can’t be “a little atheist” just like you can’t be “a little pregnant”.
    When you let shit like that provoke you it’s like admitting there is a God but you want to have nothing with Him. This is not atheism at all, it’s like a teen rebellion against a parent’s authority.
    A true atheist would be pissed at the fucker and not at his actual made up excuse for being cheap.

    1. Well damn I guess the atheism police are here. So why couldn’t an atheist be pissed at “his actual made up excuse”?

      Being pissed at christianity is not the same as admitting there is a god.

    2. Why so serious mr DJ MILKY MILK (lol dude)?
      My argument was that it’s ok to be pissed at christianity but NOT be more of an atheist because of it.
      It’s a fucking moot point. And if he is certain now that he made the right choise to be an atheist, then he was an agnostic bastard to begin with.
      And yes, I learned “agnostic” from southpark.

    1. minimum wage for every one else is 7.25…..minimum wage for servers is 2.25…..we make all of our money in tips

    2. i wash dishes for a living and i feel sry for the severs everyday that we are slow, enen though im happpy because it means less work for me

  4. It should be a little envelope, so they can get their crappy message across and put the tip inside. People may pay more attention that way.

  5. If I was an atheist, I would leave these every time I dined somewhere. Nothing could drive people away from God quicker than this. Maybe that’s what happened here? A true Christian would never do something like that, at least without also leaving a real $10 note.

  6. I live 3/4 mile from Pizza hut. A call 45 minutes after the promised delivery had a puzzled Pizza Hut manager explaining that the delivery driver had left 30minutes earlier. 30Minutes? WTF? It takes me all of 5minutes to walk to pizza hut from my house. When it got here I wrote a big fat zero in the tip section of the receipt. Besides they do get minimum wage plus tips.

  7. This looks like something one of those fat ass church going blacks would do.
    Anyone who’s worked in service (waiter or bar tending) knows what I’m talking about as they are without a doubt THE WORSE tippers on the planet and into outer space.

  8. Minimum wage in Ontario, Canada is $10.25, I’ll never be a restaurant server, I’ll take dish over that any day of the week, at least youre guaranteed 5 times more money

  9. Next time that person comes in, let them order and then make them wait for 40 minutes. Then bring out a photograph of their order, with a caption that says “Some things are better than food”.

  10. Poor waiter, better a christian than a witness of jehovah,they could have left you with more than just a fake bill, wallet full of what would jesus do articles.

    1. UM, no. I have a family full of JW’s, they would -never- tip like this. Blame the Southern Baptists who print out this shit.

      PS: I work food service. It’s ALWAYS Southern Baptists.

    2. Wolf it’s a joke, no one in thier right minds would even give a tip like that.The person that tipped this poor waiter obivously wasn’t in thier right mind, and are cheap.

      The person that did the tipping is obivously thinks they are some saint and think they can go around converting just anyone, when most people don’t even care or are content with thier religion.This person church has low members and is desperate, end of story.

  11. if you live on peoples generosity maybe spend your money on things you really need instead of battlefield three.. just sayin’

  12. *Facepalm* I am also a Bible believing Christian. This is absolutely horrible. Despicable that people abuse “spirituality” in this way. To those who have dealt with this I also apologize. We suppose to love, and this isn’t it. Uggg…

    1. Me too. I know a person that would do this too…

      It was kinda ironic that the note says “Some things are more important than money” but he didn’t decide to part with his money..

    1. Ummm, Epic Winning wins because he spelled atheist correctly.

      rookie0117 fails HARD for telling Epic he spelled it wrong and also proceeds to spell believe wrong… after forgetting the apostrophe in the contraction “he’s”.

      I hate grammar police… especially the ones that are wrong.

    1. It’s not stupid. The waiter gets everything for you so that you don’t have to do it yourself and that isn’t deserving of a tip? Maybe every restaurant is like McDonalds where you’re from, but here in America when someone performs a service for you, they expect payment for services. You are just a cheap bastard.

  13. Servers in the South make this shit money.. Servers on the west coast make min wage. I have never understood it. I will not deal with shitty people in hopes to get tips.

  14. I’m sure they paid the restaurant in real money. If you do not want to pay for a server to bring your food, eat at a fast food restaurant, or better yet, eat at home.

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