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  1. I don’t see the win here… maybe ‘retarded enough to face-butt a solid object’ win but that’s about it. Give that man a medal.

    1. you take a headbutt to the face from an NFL guard without a helmet on and keep walking around like nothing happened… You’d be crying like a little girl Nicky.

    2. I agree with Nicky, its a fail, not a win, and if you couldn’t see, blood started pissing our of his face after that head-butt…so he didn’t walk away unscathed as you claim. It was a very stupid move and I’m sure he’d agree with me.

  2. the win here is that #56 cleaned #66 clock and he got pissed off for it. It was a good hit and 66 did not like it…HOWEVER… why he head butted his “hard thing” whit out his own “hard thing” on is unknown.

    1. 66 was pissed off because of the helmet to helmet hit and 56 led with his helmet. That shit causes concussions and can lead to guys missing games.

    2. @Somchai

      You’re an idiot. That was not a helmet to helmet hit. God I hate that the league has made such a big deal of those hits. Now every moron who occasionally watches football wants to act like it’s a big deal when they see ANY big hit, much less a h2h hit.

  3. Cushing is a stud. The Cleveland player is going to work at McDonalds sweeping up at night (after he steals from Jerry”s Kids and porks his 13 y/o niece).

  4. Ok, so who’s the bad ass and where’s the win? You must not have ever seen a football game before jackass, because this shit happens all the time.

  5. why do you retards insist on calling it football??? it aint played with feet.. you throw the ball and catch it ..ITS CATCH..the little kiddies game that u played when u was a kid

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