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  1. I bet she likes reading, considers herself an intellectual outsider, loves goth music/ black metal, doesn’t eat meat and enjoys riding emo cock reverse cowgirl. I can sense these things, thanks to my swollen third testicle.

    1. Oh please the last time 2LOL had anything was when his dad plowed him, BTW are you related to The first fag?

  2. I bet she would have been damn cute without the metal in her face, the fake eyebrows, and the bleached hair. Hell, I’d still fuck her now. She can ride me reverse cowgirl while Nicky No Name is all depressed because even his hand turned him down.

    1. My hand never says no… truth be told, I’ve got the gay midget porn on split screen (thank you windows 7) and I’m typing this with my left 😉

    2. I’ll 2nd that. Or at the very least think of something funny to say Mr 2LOLO. Although, you’d probably find the hatchet option easier…

  3. Nice she has her shopping list tattooed on her forearm.
    *Sharpie pens
    *Razor blades to cut myself
    *Drill bits
    *Framing square to draw eyebrows with

  4. I love it, its not a fail she was meant to do that. I think its cool and anyone who says she looks horrid should shut their mouth and maybe look in a mirror, your not perfect either

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