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  1. Are his socks still on?
    Seriously though, I got punched by my sister once when I was 15 for stealing her music cds or something, I was bleeding like a pig

  2. Have to admit that girl is pretty hot for being so bad ass. Could cut down on the ghetto accent, but other than that, pretty hot. Plus she hits like a pro. I tip my hat to this chick.

  3. I’m sorry, but I gotta call out the Black Guy here… why the fuck was he even apart of this? He’s supposed to have more common sense than to hang with these dumbasses.

    The only thing that would save his playa points would be an upcoming video of him digging that white girl out

  4. Can you hear that? That is the sound of America’s future being flushed down the toilet. I will bet that at least one of these losers will be seen on an episode of COPS in the near future.

    1. That’s probably her brother. She’s been thinking for a while that he’s got that coming for knocking her up and not paying in for her abortion.

  5. its really dumb to make a video of a girl punching the fuck out of a guy i mean really i pitty these types of people who have nothing better to do with their lives

  6. I’m sick of white trash that think they have to impress their black friends by speaking English worse than any black person on the planet. White girls meets black man, white girl turns into crazy black bitch over night or at least does her best at eating her way to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx size women’s panties. I had a black friend that wondered allowed why it seemed that most whit women with black men weighed 800lbs as he introduced me to his 800lb white wife. He devorced her, he was waking up at night with his wife nibbling on him. His current wife balooned right up as well.

  7. i don’t understand why white people think it is cool to sound and act like they are black, and that dude is a fuckin pussy. that bitch didn’t even swing at him that hard.

    1. doesn’t take much force to pinch the nerves behind the jaw. i’ve seen many k.o.’s from jabs

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