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    1. i know, i feel bad for the dog. the humans clearly don’t mind being trash, but the poor dog is OWNED by trash, and that’s sad.

    1. Look around you then, tupid racist fuck, white people aren’t exactly in the safe zone either…starting by you…shit for brains

  1. Hopefully when that rottweiler gets big it will maul both of the shitskins.
    I await the 10 o’clock news feature story headlined” Dog mauls tot and dumb fuck dad”

  2. Dog: Chris Brown needs anger managment class. That goes 4 u too little cutie.

    Lil Girl: Huh what did I do im just pointing to the sky like him

    Dog: I feel so bad 4 u (parys to god) dear god please teel the girl the sky does not like this finger. Thank You


  3. You’ll talk shit now but none of you racist idiots would say anything to his face. Keep hiding behind your computers like the cowards you are.

  4. ah we think its funny when the little ones imitate ignorant adults. but have it she wasnt his child and say oh about the age of 20 it would be causing a problem, because how dare you disrespect me right? lack of education and parenting!!!

  5. why is every one talking shit about the little girl it aint her fault her dad is stupid . she dont know much better she will learn when she gets older .

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