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  1. i see those all the time, then again i live in south central Los Angeles lol i believe they make second story drive-by’s easier xD

    1. What the fuck is wrong with the video? it stops at 19 seconds… Damn you EpicFail ! I can’t masturbate to this?

    2. 19 seconds is about 17 seconds longer than I need. Ever heard of a “2 pump dump”? They named that after me.

  2. of course the little beaners in the car driving by think its the shit! i just want to roll a spike strip in front of it and see what happens…

    1. No I’m more of a audi kind of person anyway.. Oh and it’s “would have been” you uneducated cunt..

    2. If it was a white guy in a chevy truck itd have 35-40 inch tires on it. same if it was a white person in that car and if it was a black guy thered be spinners just as big or bigger. its definitely a bean. only you guys lift things and put smaller rims and tires than it had off the lot. even a chevy truck with wheels that small looks retarded make them fit!

  3. That should be a suspension WIN..Im from TEXAS bt im into cars alot…hes probably from Florida because thats there shit lol

  4. Crackers have something to say about any and everything. When crackers spend everything on white gurl,meth, etc. Stupid crackers everything that a white person would say to express an option would be over the website. Lol funny how crackers are…well back to making more money then the racist redneck….and I do have good white friend also dumb fucks that are color blind and so am I. Ps. If I want a car that look like that I’m going to spend my money on what ever

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