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  1. Wow, I forgot that total fucking idiots only come on epic fail. I must be one of them for even thinking about coming on here. Everyone sounds fucking stupid. Really? A woman lost her baby. I don’t think she should get the blame because no woman asks for that. And it’s a “Peaceful” protest. Therefore she thought she would be okay but things have been getting tense between protesters and police so it was amatter of time. but a woman’s unborn child shouldbn’t be a casuality of war. Oh and remind me to kick my friend in the face for suggesting this site to me!

    1. Gandhi had peaceful protests…these people taunt and throw objects at cops. what do they expect?

    2. Every body knows that throwing rocks and taunting the police with a baby in your womb is a great idea. But I don’t understand why she choosed this way to kill her baby, why don’t she do bungee jumping, boxing, or any other fucking dangerous things ?

  2. That stupid fat ugly bitch shouldn’t have been there in the first place but I’m glad she’s not having a kid anymore I wouldn’t want to see another one of those running around anywhere.

  3. I don’t understand. Did they inject her uterus with pepper spray or just shove the nozzle up her pussy?
    story lost all credibility with the line “the pepper spray got to it too”

  4. I’m from Seattle, and she admitted like 2 days later that she faked all this to get attention. She now has a bunch of charges against her.

  5. To all the ass holes who say shes ugly. How hot would you look after being kicked repeatedly and the being pepper sprayed in the face? Exactly STFU.

    1. Well, I won’t say I “could look any better” but I will say I’m most certainly not a bully. Also, I can type it using legitimate english grammar (for the most part).

  6. got nothin funny to say for dis won…
    Except she wins if she wanted to kill and burn the little alien bastard!!!!AAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAAAA
    Fuck you morally right people!

  7. dumb ass person… Did the cop who killed the unborn child go to prision for manslaughter? Isnt that what they do when your at fault for killing someone?

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