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    1. hey people watch the video more closely, a quarter hits the left side of the glass. EPIC FAIL! hahahahaha

    1. i bet lymbe sreamed to his mam like the kid the first time,, mam i made her come i made her CCOOOOOMMMEEE!!! Then he gets a backhander across the face his mam says leave your sister alone

  1. So much for any sentiment towards the “Chardonnay Extravaganza July 31, 1999”.
    That glass lasted 12 years, but had no chance against this kid’s voice.

  2. Every object has a resonant frequency. Hit it and it will break. Tesla was trying to make an “earthquake” machine to do the same thing with buildings.

    1. And you, sir, have nothing better to do than sit on your ass and post comments of how you hate americans. Way to announce your jealousy mate

    2. I hear the number one product of the UK is sissies, this guy who lives in a country that doesnt allow its citizens to defend themselves against a tyranic government thinks he can talk shit lol. It must suck ass to be walked all over by the whore queen, a whore who made sure that you fucks never have any firearms to defend themselves so they can do whatever they feel to it’s citizens. P.S. everything america is all about comes from the whore queen. 43 of our presidents are directly related to british royalty BY BLOOD. Either way we both are controlled by the roman catholic church who fronts to be holy while worshipping satan, and doing ritualistic sex magick. You think it’s just a coincidence that catholic priests just like to molest little boys?, it’s ritualistic. Oh yeah they also pay the whitehouses mortgage, and electricity bill. I bet you would sniff queen elizabeths giant panties wouldnt ya?

    3. Oh yeah enjoy your big brother wih cameras on every corner, on every house watching everything you do at all times lol. I bet you are being watched in your own home as i type this. Since you hate us so much when they unionize the world I will make sure i never stand up and fight with you even though you are my brother. Your so socialistically controlled that you let your media, and entertainment business brainwash you into hating the people of what is supposed to be a great country based on the actions of our government. Nice way to generalize everyone, and breed hatred that you have been brainwashed to spread nice goin you ignorant fuck. I hope your lives, and liberties are at stake one day so i can spew on about how i hate you based on your governments tyranny.

  3. My favorite part is the screaming little girl, that’s not annoying or anything. But then again this is obviously an awesome mom, what with letting her kids intentionally break glass without her supervision while her daughter screams like a brat at a loud volume for several minutes. I should rethink my parenting skills and emulate this woman.

  4. Anyone else wonder why the kid wasn’t wearing goggles to protect his eyes while trying to break a wine glass 2 inches from his eyes?

  5. It’s the little sister trying to do the same thing, come on people..
    A total win anyway, mythbusters had to try for hours with the aid of a proper rockstar and the thinnest glass they could find and barely made it.

  6. The straw, trying doing it without it and I will say it’s all by your voice. Stupid but very smart kid. But still stupid, but smart.

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