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  1. eh…. try having to crap when a scary fat man has to drop a load and u are stuck in there with his smelly turd >.>

  2. Guy Taking A Shit; Looking Deeply Into The Others Eye And Saying: Oh Fuck Are You Seeing This, Man Are You Getting This Oh Shit Man It’s Like I’m Shitting A Mini Dinosaur !

    1. now fredy i dont know why are you complaining, when you enjoy seeing foreign objects going in and out your own crapper!

  3. This isn’t a fail. The one on the left isn’t a toilet, it’s a baday (pronounced bee-day). First you use the toilet, then you sit on the baday and twist the tap- it shoots a fountain of water on your bum/vagina to clean it. I’ve got one. It’s lovely, I use it all the time.

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