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    1. yep bottom left corner is fail, olde english is bleh too, unless your a moon cricket that can only afford $2.40 for a 40 ounce.

  1. All these are shit beers, this is not only a fail, but a massive on.
    The Guinness on the door are the only decent beers in the picture.

    1. What kind of beer drinker would list olde shitty pisswater english first. I guess you like spraying water out your ass the day after drinking that trash, enjoy your morning diarreaaaaaahhh.

  2. to those of you saying this is a fail..whats wrong with you? obviously this man likes variety in his brews.he also keeps it real with the old school domestics..i like their style.

    1. its hefe weizen. and yes in germany its an epic fail. at least they should´ve bought some heiniken or becks, and even thats online water with a bit of beer flavor.

  3. Well, I wonder what’s so peculiar about it – My fridge has been looking just like that for years!
    (btw why the hell did I have to put in another e-mail-adress in order to have my comments even POSTED… they’re still “awaiting moderation” though…)

  4. No Warsteiner, Licher, Bindung, Diebels, Rothaus, Schlappeseppel, Jever, Asta, Krombacher ? Just Waterbeer in Cans.. no Drinkingculture over there

  5. No heineken piss, it’s nice. But no Belgian beer! Just a lot of piss in this fridge! Mmmmmmh … I need a Chimay Bleue mmmmmh.

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