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    1. OHH good boy! Just remember it’s “spelled” in that sentence and don’t forget to leave a space after the exclamation.. correct form ex: YES!! I spelled correctly this time!! For sure!! LOL, just pullin your nuts! But seriously…..

  1. LOL, I hate corvettes everyone has one now…..unless theyare 60′- 70’s then they are ok but this was a suitable fate for both of these midlife crisis crusty old men.

    1. yeah, with the hottest 20 year old blond you have ever seen in your life, sucking his 1 inch, stickle back, shriveled, liver warts covered, shrimp smelling dick…i was unfortunate enough to be brought up by my single parent mother who forgot to mention to me that all women are complete whores that will do anything for money…if she told me that at 10, i would’t be weight lifting and cleaning pool’s today.

  2. Wow what a couple of asswipes!!! They can’t even drive 200 feet without destroying their beautiful cars! SUCKERRRRSSSS!

  3. This is what happens to people who can finally afford a car that actually has more power than the tires can handle. Or he slam shifted and didn’t realise how much torque he had. Either way its epic because now both of them are fucked out of insurance after this video gets some air time

  4. Two idiots that need to be backhanded hard. Way to handle a car that won’t get a grip on normal bumpy roads with street tires.

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