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    1. unlike the friendly overseas corporations that give all their money away to the starving and homeless

  1. What a bullshit attention grabbing story.
    Funny how they dont tell you how many other times he was busted for forgery , theft, counterfeiting…etc.
    Moolies like this have a record a mile long dating back 20 plus years.
    Count in it.
    DA’s and the courts had enough of his TNB and it’s simple as that.

    1. the guy was white…. you fn cocksmoker. One day you wont post here anymore, and my first assumption will be that you got choked out with a dick and died. That will be a great day.

  2. Not a penalty fail; totally worth it. Counterfeiting was punishable by death during the Roman era, and it was a warning impressed on the coins of the time. Murder affects a handful of people, drugs affects a community, but counterfeiting affects the whole country (worse than what Congress can do, imagine that).

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