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  1. i have to say only one thing:
    congratulations to the pretty girl to the right because she’s not care about appearence bla bla bla…
    but to the other girl i have to say one thing too:

    1. Closing your left eye won’t help. x] You would have to cover up the girl on the left, with your hand, or something!

  2. She has no surgery, spray tan, waxing, botox, piercing, g string, heels, plucking and painting, straightening and dying. It’s a fricking cultural miracle in this pole dancing, whore emulating age.

  3. A true friend of hers wouldn’t ignore that massive hairy lip caterpillar, and show her some fucking grooming techniques.

  4. she does have several classic indicators of poly cystic ovarian syndrome.
    she’s also injail, where (in some counties) detainees can’t have razors.
    and with a ‘stache like that, she’s bound to get some stank on it.

  5. OMG, electrolysis or something PLEASE! Trim the eyebrows and permanently remove that mustache. I’ve seen fugly to beautiful all based on facial maintenance.

  6. Oh, stop being so mean. She might be in a mental hospital. I was once in one for 5 days, and I had some mustache and beard growing in because you can’t have razors or anything there with you (because since it’s a mental hospital, they think you’ll hurt yourself.)
    And that girl taking the photo, well, visitors are allowed.
    And NO you can’t shave AT ALL okay. You can’t even have shoelaces, bra underwire, mirrors etc because you can harm yourself with them (apparently.)

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